Kitu Features

Kitu Features
Kudu Kitu Opens Its Doors

Kudu Kitu continues to grow and is finding its way in the Charleston market. We have met many interesting guests and continue to make contacts with African artists making it possible to buy directly from them, ensuring that as much of the revenue as possible stays with the “local folks.”

We have continued to see Kitu through it’s growth and development as a home to unique African art. Recently, we added the original watercolor art of Vernon Washington, a Charlestonian, whose paintings capture the magic of African wildlife and the imagination of those who see it.

Kitu jewelers, Reve and Katie Gates, keep the boutique filled with handmade art featuring African gems, stones, and trade beads. We look forward to sharing the jewelry, the watercolors, and all that is Kitu – with you- Tuesday through Saturday.

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