Complete Guide on How Caffeine Affects Our Body (And Alternatives to Coffee to Try)

The substance Caffeine in coffee has always been in debates over the years. Some believe it to be useful as it acts on central nervous system directly and make us alert. It also removes the fatigue. Though Caffeine has few benefits to human body, but there are many harmful effects too. Let us learn more on harmful effects of Caffeine and alternatives to Coffee to try.


Harmful Effects of Caffeine Everyone Must Know

Here are some of the most harmful effects of Caffeine if you are an active coffee drinker. You must stay alert after having a look on these effects.


The pregnant women or breast feeding women must not consume too much coffee. It is advisable to consume not more than 200Mg of Caffeine if you are woman going through pregnancy. 200Mg Caffeine equals to 11-2 cups of coffee a day. Larger amount of Caffeine consumed during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage. The breast feeding women should also lower the intake of coffee as Caffeine can pass through breast milk and cause irritability and increased bowel activity.

Anxiety & Bipolar Disorder

Caffeine often causes anxiety. You may suffer a nervous breakdown at times. Over consumption of caffeine can lead to bipolar disorder and you may be hospitalized for the same. You may show the symptoms of mania after consuming too much Caffeine.


A number of researches have shown that caffeine when consumed in large amounts can worsen diabetes. It affects the way your body makes use of sugar. This might enhance the blood sugar level and the risk of death may prevail. A diabetic patient must limit the intake of caffeine.


Many researchers have found that caffeine boosts the pressure inside the eyes. This pressure change starts within 30 minutes and lasts till 90 minutes after you have drunk the caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, etc.

High Blood Pressure

The patients who are suffering from high blood pressure must lessen the intake of caffeine if they were not having it regularly. High blood pressure causes anxiety and often causes severe headaches.

Weak Bones

Caffeine can enhance the amount of calcium content that is removed out of the body while urinating. If you are suffering from low bone density then you must limit the intake of caffeine to 300Mg in a day. If you are consuming more caffeine than this amount, you must enhance your calcium content by consuming calcium rich food.

There are many more harmful effects of consuming caffeine in large amounts, but we have listed only few for the people who have less knowledge about it.

Alternatives to Coffee to Try

If you are looking to change your drink from coffee to something else then here are some of them to give a try.

Kombucha Tea

You might not have heard about this drink before. It is basically a type of yeast which when fermented with tea, sugar, and other ingredients, you get Kombucha tea. It is really helpful in treating the memory loss, preventing cancer, regulating the bowel movement, and helping the high blood pressure patients.

Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate is one of the best alternatives of coffee for the people who can’t start their day without a coffee. This drink is of high nutritional value too. It doesn’t have heavy quantity of caffeine that coffee has. It can be prepared and consumed in variety of ways.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another nutritional alternative to the coffee. It is high on demand in the market. It is basically clear, milky water that comes out from the green coconuts. It is sweet on taste and contains rehydrating electrolytes. Coconut water is also a good replacement for the sugary drinks.

Hot Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider is as sweet as coffee and provides several health benefits too that coffee doesn’t provides. It is naturally sweet and has apples as major ingredient.

Final Words

So, after going through the harmful effects of caffeine to our body, you must think to lower your caffeine content and also try some of the alternatives to coffee. We have listed some of the best coffee alternatives that are of great nutritional benefits and affect your health in a good way.

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