Recent studies have led to the discovery that green coffee beans is a highly effective rapid weight loss solution for those who don’t like the idea of putting themselves through demanding diet and exercise routines. Compared to normal coffee, green coffee contains a much higher percentage of chlorogenic acid and a much lower percentage of caffeine. Chlorogenic acid inhibits the absorption of fats into the bloodstream. Because of this green coffee extracts are valuable for cholesterol reduction needs.

What’s the difference between regular coffee and green coffee extracts?

• Regular coffee, whose color ranges from light brown to dark brown, is extracted from roasting coffee beans at a certain temperature and then grounding them into the find powder. Coffee beans roasted at different temperatures have different flavors. Green coffee is extracted by grounding raw, green and unroasted coffee beans into fine powder. The major difference, besides their color and taste, is that green coffee has more chlorogenic acid and less caffeine than regular coffee.

What difference does a higher percentage of chlorogenic acid make?

• Chlorogenic acid is a natural antioxidant that reacts with and neutralizes the oxidants and free radicals in our body that causes diseases like cancer. It also slows down the growth of microbes and is used in processed food to keep them fresh for a longer period of time. But its importance as a weight loss solution lies in the fact that it acts as a barrier against the absorption of glucose and fats in the bloodstream. Additionally, it also increases metabolism and lowers high blood pressure. These qualities make it a highly effective fat burner.

Does green coffee have harmful side effects?

• Studies have shown that green coffee does not any harmful side effects. The chlorogenic acid works to flush out the oxidants and radicals without harming the body in any way. Compared to regular coffee which has 150 mg to 400 mg of caffeine per cup, green coffee has only 8 mg of the stimulant. So there no risk of sleep disruptions. along with green tea, you should also workout and hit the gym, I discovered you should burn at least 400-1000 calories per hour

What is the average weight loss credited to green coffee?

• One reason green coffee has become so popular as a weight loss solution is that it was endorsed and hailed as one of the most effective fat burners by none other than the renowned health guru and TV personality Dr. Oz. According to reports, in a research carried out at the University of Scranton by Dr. Joe Vinson, the participants who drank a regular dose of green coffee lost 17 lbs in 22 weeks without the help of diet and exercise.

Is there a perfect time to drink green coffee to lose weight?

• Coffee is a favorite drink of many people and they like to drink it several times throughout the day. There is no harm in drinking as much coffee as you like. However, experts agree that best time to drink green coffee extracts for weight loss is before bedtime at night. Also, no milk should be added as milk lessens the effect of the chlorogenic acid.